You have some questions... we've got the answers

How does this work?

Think of it as a pre-order type of deal.

Is it like Kickstarter then?

Not really. If you order it, I will make it for you, no matter what. There is no minimum amount of orders necessary like on Kickstarter.

So is this a shop?

Not really.
For the most part, I don’t produce stock. I make the pieces on demand for you after you order it.
It will take a little longer to get your hands on it, but that’s part of the reason why it’s cheaper for you too.

Can I order anytime?

No. I only do sales for a very limited time, to commemorate special moments.


I know, the best thing you can do is to subscribe to the newsletter.
I announce it beforehand through my email subscription list.
Things usually sell quickly so I recommend getting to the website right when the sale is scheduled to go live.

C’mon, I really want your stuff.
Is there any other way?

I love to hear that. Yes, you can commission a new piece specifically for you.
But I have to tell you, that’s more expensive.

So, how is that this is cheaper?

Well, first everything I sell here I sell on editions.
As with anything that you make in batches, its production gets cheaper.
Secondly, this is a direct sale from the studio, there is no middle man so the costs are reduced significantly.

Are galleries not mat at you?

You can’t please everybody, can you? Plus it’s a different business model.
If a collector/museum asks me to do a work on commission, where I have to design the whole thing from scratch and put a lot of time and effort, then make sense I charge them for that time and not only the production, right?
If I produce something by my own and give it to a gallery to storage it, show it, market it at (terribly expensive) art fairs booths, etc… makes sense they charge too for their work, right?
This is a different thing. This is meant for true fans, the ones that would love to have a piece but can’t afford the conventional art market model, neither a commission.

So when can I get these?

Not very often. I create specific pieces from time to time, to commemorate a solo show in a not for profit hall, an anniversary of an important moment in the growth of the studio, etc… You can subscribe to receive these not-very-often emails. You should if you want to be the first to know when a sale is coming.

Are these limited editions?

Yes and not.
Some pieces are limited and sold on a first come first served basis. Other are “open” editions while the sale is live. Once the sale is gone, I will block the edition to however many pieces were sold.
Meaning, if I sold 5 and you were first one on the line, well, you have the 1/5 which is very very good.
If I sold only one and you got it, that’s even better! You got a unique piece for a ridiculous price!

Wow, I am excited.
How can I know which is my edition number?!

When the sale ends and the dust settles, I will email you to confirm and let you know your edition number.

I’m sad. The piece I wanted is gone.

The fact that you put a piece on the cart doesn’t mean it’s reserved for you. It’s not yours until you pay for it and the order is confirmed, so take action quickly, if you see something you like then go for it!
If you lost the one you wanted this time, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter. You will get a sneak peek before it goes public, plus a reminder as soon as it is online… so you can react faster next time.

So can I pick the same one next time?

No. These are limited editions. Once it’s gone it’s gone. You can pick a piece from the same project next time that project is on sale. But once I produce the pieces people ordered, I won’t produce more of them ever.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a hand signed (by me) authenticity certificate detailing the project, date and edition number.

Where do you make your stuff?

I have my own production studio, Awesome! Productions, where I produce my own projects as well as projects of other artists, designers, and entrepreneurs.

When will I get it?

I won’t ship it tomorrow, but as soon as possible.
Usually, a couple weeks, unless the campaign goes extremely well and I get overwhelmed with orders. But don’t worry, we have a long list of freelancers to call on those occasions to speed up the process and we will keep you posted on any delays.

Can I cancel my order?

If there is a delay and I didn’t produce it yet, sure, I understand that might be an issue for you and I don’t want to force you. I hope next time you will stay with me until the end, though.

How do you ship it?

Mostly DHL, maybe UPS depending on where you are.
But only with reputable companies and tracked & signed post.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do.

What are the shipping costs?

I won’t lie saying is “free” shipping, but shipping is already included in the final price, so you don’t have to worry about that. What you see is what you pay.

Can I order more stuff?

Yes! the more the merrier.

If I order more will it get cheaper?

Hmmmm, if you order a series of pieces that are sold together as an option, then yes, series are “cheaper” than single pieces. Since they will have a similar format, I will be able to ship them together too, which helps with the savings.
But in case you buy a sculpture and a framed piece, for instance, those don’t pack together well, so I still will have to send you two separate packages to assure the pieces are protected properly.

Are there any hidden costs?

Not really. In the rare occasion that I messed up the shipping estimation of your order/region, I will try to absorb it unless it becomes ridiculously expensive. In such case, I will contact you to know if you want to proceed with the correct calculation (at your expense) or cancel the order (and you will be refunded in full immediately).

I am planning to go to Berlin.
Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely! I would love to meet you personally and have a quick chat. I really appreciate your support.

I don’t get it.
You should keep the store open all the time.
You would sell like crazy.

Well, It’s not all about selling.
By limiting how many pieces I sell and when I sell them I can split my time. So I still sell enough to keep the studio running, but I do have time too to spend in developing new projects. Makes sense?
Plus, because of that when you get to actually buy something from me, you can be sure you are in a very exclusive group of people.